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The Case For Micromobility

Harvard Business School

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The Micromobility Landscape

Categorizing and visualizing the electric world of lightweight vehicles

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moovel, Skip, and Modal Shift

My first legit internship, helping launch skip scooters' flagship city, and my tiny media brand getting acquired

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Lessons from James Gross

—what working with a three-time CEO/founder figure taught me

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Design and Data with Asymco

Helping the numbers-driven prose and poetry master with the part he's not as keen for

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Micromobility Europe

Increasing attendance without the homecourt advantages and 4x'ing sponsorship metrics

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This site is missing post-2020 updates

Feel free to check out my about?
Updates below though:
Starting October 2020, I moved to the Bay Area and started working for unagiscooters.com, learning about marketing, growth, design, and company-building.

In 2021, I moved to Dallas for an incredible woman (finishing up her undergrad) I was then distance-dating. That summer she spent 3 months in Costa Rica—I joined her for one of those and proposed!

After Costa Rica, we moved to Waco, Texas where she's been getting a graduate degree in speech language pathology at Baylor. We were married January 2022!

Feb 2022, I took on leadership of electric-scooter.guide which rebranded to riderguide.com 14 months later in a whirlwind of team growth from 5 up to 15.

Now in May 2023, we're moving into our first house in North Austin, Texas post-clinical and classes portion of her degree!
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