Hi, πŸ‘‹

I'm Chase

a mind for product, community, and content creation.


The Case For Micromobility

Harvard Business School

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The Micromobility Landscape

Categorizing and visualizing the electric world of lightweight vehicles

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moovel, Skip, and Modal Shift

My first legit internship, helping launch skip scooters' flagship city, and my tiny media brand getting acquired

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Lessons from James Gross

β€”what working with a three-time CEO/founder figure taught me

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Design and Data with Asymco

Helping the numbers-driven prose and poetry master with the part he's not as keen for

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Micromobility Europe

Increasing attendance without the homecourt advantages and 4x'ing sponsorship metrics

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I'm currently building with unagiscooters.com

You can find my resume, contact information, and more in my About.
Below is a public tracker showing my portfolio progress, which is mostly on hold as of late with the pace of things.
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